Accidental Death Insurance

Accidental death insurance provides financial support for your loved ones if you die in a covered accident. It’s available for anyone between the ages of 18-70; because this is guaranteed protection, you cannot be turned down if you qualify based on age. .
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Accidental Death Insurance Quote

Coverage Amount Up to: $1,000,000

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Accidental Death coverage may be right if you 

  • Want to provide protection for your family in the event of an unexpected covered accident

  • Need to supplement existing life insurance coverage
  • Cannot qualify for other types of life insurance due to age, occupation or health conditions
  • Are on a tight budget or need coverage quickly

What is included in a accidental death insurance policy?

Umbrella Insurance

Guaranteed Approval

Guaranteed approval if you qualify, based only on age

Condo Insurance

Coverage in high risk occupation

Coverage for workers in high-risk occupations who can’t qualify for life insurance

Family coverage

Premiums will never increase throughout the life of the policy.

Accidental Death Insurance

  • Policy issue ages: 18 – 70
  • Guaranteed renewable to age 80*
  • Benefit amounts: Up to $100,000
  • Family coverage available

What accidents are covered?
Accidental death insurance covers death sustained from any covered injury , work-related or non-work related.
This coverage pays up to $1,000,000 if death results from a covered accident while riding as a fare-paying passenger on a common carrier such as a boat, bus or airplane.
The Auto Pedestrian benefit pays up to $300,000 if the insured is killed while driving or riding in a private automobile or if struck by an automobile on a public street or highway.


Accidental Death Insurance Quote

Coverage Amount Up to: $1,000,000

* This information is Required for a Quote

Frequently Asked Questions

Accidental death insurance covers death sustained from any covered injury, which may be work-related or non-work related.  Policy Agent’s accidental death policies pay additional benefits if the insured person is killed as a fare-paying passenger on a common carrier like a boat, bus or plane, or while driving, riding in, or struck by a motor vehicle.

While life insurance generally protects you if you pass away for any reason while the policy is active, accidental death insurance only provides coverage in the event of a covered accident. On the other hand, accidental death is guaranteed, even for people who cannot qualify for many types of life insurance, as long as you are between age 18 and 70, and the premium is substantially lower per dollar of coverage.

In general, the cost of an accidental death policy is a fraction of the cost of a comparable term or whole life insurance policy. The premium you pay is tied to the coverage amount you choose; the more coverage, the higher the premium.

An agent can help you select the right accidental death insurance policy for you by helping you develop your goals, explaining your options and recommending solutions that achieve your financial goals. An agent can also answer your questions about accidental death insurance and help you keep your plan current as your needs change.



Call  713-369-0997 to submit your application—note that there are only two health questions. Your application is reviewed to ensure completion, and as long as you are qualified based on your age, your policy will be issued and delivered to you.

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