Small Business Solutions  insurance is offered to protect our customers’ health and wallets. Our SMALL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS products help provide peace of mind and security to your business and extend vital coverage to you and your employees. 
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We think small business is a big deal

We know that regardless of the size of their operations, employers want to help their employees protect what they care about. We’re here to help them do that.

Our small business solutions includes a suite of ancillary benefits for employers with 2-9 employees. It offers a range of products with simple plan designs that were chosen to fit the needs of the small business market.

With more than 70 years of employee benefits experience, we’ve learned a few things about helping employers find solutions. Perhaps the most valuable lesson is to listen. By listening to our clients, we’re able to use their feedback to improve our products and services.

Valuable Coverage For Employee

 Our small business solutions help employers by:

  • Providing an affordable and effective benefits program that helps fill a gap within the small business marketplace
  • Helping small employers grow their business
  • Enabling small employers to compete with larger companies for top talent
  • Offering a wide range of benefits that help employees protect their financial future
  • Streamlining administration with products that are easy to manage

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