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Business Solutions  insurance is offered to protect our customers’ health and wallets. Our individual disability products—to help provide peace of mind and security to your business and extend vital coverage to you and your employees. 
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Accident Insurance for Employees

The value of accident insurance

Although accidents are unexpected and usually come without warning, employees don’t have to let an injury catch them off guard. They can be prepared to handle the accompanying medical expenses with the help of an accident insurance policy.



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Designed with employers and employees in mind

Employer Benefits

  • Available with voluntary, non-contributory and contributory options
  • Flexible plan designs
  • Liberal benefit maximums and guarantee issue amounts
  • Annual increase options available (voluntary plans only)
  • Living care benefit and dependent coverage available
  • Can be packaged with other group insurance products on one bill

Employee Benefits

  • An economical, convenient way for employees to provide for their family and loved ones
  • Benefit paid directly to beneficiaries
  • Value is not affected by market conditions
  • Coverage is fully portable (standard with voluntary, optional with basic life)
  • Premium waived if totally disabled and unable to work
  • Partial disability continuation

Optional Features and Services*

  • Annual benefit maximum (ABM)
  • 24-hour and off-job coverage
  • Family care benefits that provide payouts for child care, transportation and lodging
  • Catastrophic benefits that offers protection for death, dismemberment, paralysis, coma, reasonable modifications following a catastrophic loss and transport/repatriation of remains
  • Health screening benefit
  • Coverage options for spouse and/or child(ren)

* Additional premium may apply.

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